Make Cyprus your business
operation base!

Establish your company in one of EU’s emerging financial hubs. In Cyprus, International companies can enjoy the same low tax rates as local businesses, making the country one of the leading business destinations in the European Union.  

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Company Registration Cyprus can take the hassle away from registering your company in Cyprus – leave it up to the experts!

With combined experience and knowledge, we’ll get your company operating in just days.

Take advantage of Cyprus’s taxation system – attractive for all European & non-European companies! Enjoy also the extensive double tax treaty network.

Why open a company
in Cyprus

Opening a company in Cyprus comes with a plethora of benefits.
It’s fast, easy and low in cost.

With or without professional guidance from Company Registration Cyprus, registering your company in Cyprus will have your company functioning in Cyprus in no time – hassle-free!

Benefits to registering your company in Cyprus include

You can register your company without having to visit Cyprus - registration takes 8 days

Corporate tax in Cyprus is just 12.5% - with no capital gain tax for the sale of shares (this is valid unless the company owns land in Cyprus)

Have your bank account open within just 5 days

Operations valid worldwide with a Cypriot-registered company

The uses of
Cyprus Companies//




E-Commerce or online shops




Finance / FX companies


Services providers


(Merchant) Shipping companies


Investment Companies


Holding companies and Property Holdings


Intellectual Property Holding



When making the decision of what type of company you would like to open in Cyprus, you can choose from three main types, below.

Limited Company (LTD)

Requires no minimum share capital. 1-50: the number of shareholders allowed. At least one director or secretary is needed for the company. Annual auditing of accounts is compulsory, to be filled either in Greek or English


A foreign company is to be responsible for all liabilities of the Cypriot branch. Said branch is required to register with Registrar of Companies and CY Tax department. Annual reports filing to be done in Greek or English.


Can involve one of 2 partnerships: either general or limited. General partnership is to be between 2 – 20 members. Limited partnership is to be with at least one partner, who has unlimited liability. Registration required with Registrar of Companies and Cyprus tax department

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